The healthiest beverages for our body

Each of the drinks we consume throughout the day has greater or lesser healthy qualities, and even some are not very advisable from a health point of view, such as soft drinks with additives and excess sugar, which helps to spread diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

But what are the healthiest drinks? If we want to have a good, balanced, tasty and nutritious diet, we must know the healthiest drinks for our body, as well as the practice of daily physical exercise is important.


The main healthy drink is water. It is no secret that we need to drink water continuously to live, for our metabolism to function and for all human physiological functions to be carried out perfectly. However, it is important to drink the right amount of water and not wait until you are thirsty, because thirst is a sign that we have been needing water for a long time.

It is convenient to drink about eight glasses of water a day, approximately, to be well hydrated. Drinking enough water will allow the body to continuously purify itself adequately, which will have positive effects on the liver and kidney. In addition, we will keep the blood that carries nutrients throughout the body cleaner.

Juices and teas

But apart from water, and to have a greater variety in daily fluid intake, there are other healthy drinks, absolutely recommended for a healthy diet, such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices, teas and infusions.

For example, an apple smoothie is a very healthy juice due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight aging, and also has plenty of fiber, excellent for digestion. It is a very good drink to cleanse the liver and kidney.

Another detoxifying juice is that of pineapple, which contains vitamin C and vitamin B1 and enzymes that are very beneficial for keeping the body healthy. Likewise, the liquefied carrot provides us with all its properties, which are many, as it contains a large number of antioxidants, vitamin A and minerals. This juice will help us to keep intestinal problems that may arise at bay.

Green tea, on the other hand, is a not very astringent drink that reduces coronary risks and protects against bone disease, since green tea has a large amount of antioxidants that will help us slow down the effects of aging. Other plant infusions are highly recommended for their great beneficial effects both to tackle diseases and to prevent them.

Wine, coffee and cocoa

There are other drinks that are healthy in moderation. We have red wine, whose chemical elements include resveratrol, something that protects the heart by increasing good, health-positive cholesterol and several antioxidants. However, you should not drink more than one glass of red wine a day so that these effects are not counteracted by the negative effects of alcohol.

Coffee is also a healthy drink, as moderate but steady consumption reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. It is about drinking coffee without milk, which provides unhealthy saturated fats, or sugar, which increases the calories ingested.

Cocoa, the typical cup of chocolate, is also a very healthy drink, as it provides a large amount of antioxidants, twice as much as wine and three times as much as green tea. Again, for it to be a healthy drink, it must be taken without whole milk or sugar. It is therefore recommended that it be sweetened with alternatives such as stevia, in order not to add too many calories.

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