Sprinklers to water your garden

Among the irrigation emitters, sprinklers are the most suitable for watering lawns in meadows and we will choose the ideal one according to its different characteristics (always talking about small or medium gardens). Logically, before buying a sprinkler, it is recommended to follow the advice of a person specialized in the subject who knows the ins and outs of this type of device.

Sprinklers can be aerial or pop-up. The first ones are usually installed on raised and fixed coils. Commonly used in agriculture, but formerly also for gardening. The latter are the most commonly used in gardening today because of their retraction at the end of the irrigation cycle that allows maintenance work to be carried out without encountering unnecessary obstacles or stumbling blocks, in addition to the aesthetics of the garden.

Choose your sprinkler according to these characteristics

Depending on their rotation mechanism, they can be by impact (a shovel hits the jet and recedes with the help of a spring repeatedly) which makes a characteristic noise when watering several at once. And they can be rotated by turbine, much quieter, taking advantage of the water pressure as it passes through a gear mechanism. The latter are the most widely used on the market.

We also choose sprinklers for their range (between 5 and 30 meters) although the most commonly used in the gardens that we compete with (small or medium) are of ranges between 5 and 9 meters, also known as sprinklers of ½” and those of range between 7 and 14 meters, also known as sprinklers of ¾”…. In all of them we must take into account the flow rate that it consumes according to the chosen nozzle (the nozzles indicate distance and flow rate) and also the operating pressure between 2 and 5 Atm.

Depending on your irrigation arc they can be: circular (they rotate continuously the 360*, complete circle, without possibility of adjustment and in a single direction) and sectorial, in which we can adjust the irrigation arc to our convenience, marking a starting point and another end where it will go back to the beginning and so on again and again. The most common are between 40* and 360*.

The most powerful sprinklers are often used for watering parks and gardens, large areas and sports areas such as golf courses, soccer fields, etc.

Recommendations before buying a sprinkler

It is always advisable to buy nozzles and diffusers of the same brand, so you can be sure that they fit perfectly. Each diffuser and nozzle has a different range, so before choosing them, measure the area of your garden that you want to be covered by the irrigation and select the pieces taking it into account.

The diffusers should overlap each other (water one on top of the other). This is very important to ensure uniform irrigation throughout the area.

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