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Indoor Plants for Homes with Little Sun

Is your house facing north or does it have many windows but little direct sun? If that’s the case, then this article is just for you. The following indoor plants that need little light will allow you to create an indoor garden like the ones you see in the specialized magazines and decoration TV shows.

Not convinced? Add these houseplants to your indoor garden and if you want to multiply them you’ll have a garden to hang on Instagram.

Here is the list of indoor plants for homes with little to no sun exposure:

  • Sansevieria trifasciata. Sansevieria, indoor and outdoor

In fact, sansevieria is an indoor and outdoor plant, as it loves the sun but adapts to areas with little light. If you give it light, it will develop better, but if this is not possible, don’t worry: it will resist because it is hard and long-lived, but it will have a slightly different look, with few new stems and those it has, tending to arch.

  • African violet. African violet, a flowering houseplant

African violet can give you indoor flowers all year round! If you put it by a window, the light will make it bloom. To water it, don’t do it from above; put it on a plate with water for a few hours and then remove the excess water. When you see that the soil starts to dry out, do the same operation again.

  • Bromeliad. Bromeliads, from the living room to the bathroom

Put them by a window but never in full sun. And depending on the guy, you can take them to one part of the house or another. If they have thick leaves, like Bromelia Aechmea, they will live better in a dry area like the living room and if they have thin ones, like Tillandsia, they will prefer wet areas like the bathroom.

  • Peace lily. Spatifilo, the most popular houseplant

Interiors without light? Spachyphil is your plant. If you want it to flower, it’s better to put it in a bright room, but not next to a window with direct sun because that would burn it. To water it, the best water is the one without lime and you must avoid leaving water in the dish so that the roots do not rot.

  • Calathea, colour without sun

It comes from the underbrush of the tropical rainforest, so it doesn’t need (or want) direct sun. Place it next to a window so that it receives clarity but never direct sunshine.

  • Cinta, a houseplant that needs little light and purifies the air

He appreciates the light, but he doesn’t get along at all with the direct sun because it burns his leaves. What’s more, the tape is much better in shady or semi-shady places. In winter, water it once a week and in summer, two or three times depending on the heat.

  • Maidenhair fern, leafy and decorative

Place the fern in a semi-shaded corner, which does not give it the sun but gives it clarity, and water it regularly to keep its soil moist (not waterlogged). Put it in a wide pot because it needs space to grow and it should not be made of plastic; better if it is made of clay or ceramic and shallow.

  • Aloe Vera for everything‚Ķ even for sleeping

The direct sun burns the stalk, so it’s better for the clarity. And another important fact: plant it in a well-drained soil. It’s worth taking good care of it because it’s a source of health. So much so, that even NASA has it as one of their favorite plants because it improves the air and promotes a good night’s sleep.

  • Mint, ideal for the kitchen

This houseplant is an aromatic plant that prefers semi-shade because the sun wilts its leaves immediately. It needs moist soil and a well-drained pot to avoid water stagnation. You will have to water it regularly and abundantly, especially in the growing season, that is, between spring and summer.

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