How to train your dog properly

Are you tired of your pet always getting your house dirty, returning broken ragged carpets, jumping on you or your guests with his paws, leaving the sofa full of hair, doing his or her business anywhere in the house, making you hungry anytime, anytime, and other disasters?

Sometimes you think about abandonment for a while, but then you remember that it’s part of your family and you love that hairy four-legged earthquake too much, and you just resign yourself to watching it chew on your slippers like candy. You think there’s no solution? Stay calm, you still have hope with these helpful tricks of dog training (adiestramiento canino) you can use to train your four-legged friend without being an expert.

First and foremost, his name

One of the first steps is for your dog to know his name, or how he is addressed, usually it takes 3 to 8 days for him to know his name. This is important, because otherwise you will know when you turn to him, whether to call him, congratulate him or admonish him.

Clear and calm orders

When you order something from your pet, you must make him/her understand what you want him/her to do, or what you don’t want him/her to do, confusing him/her with different orders or with an order that he/she doesn’t understand will only make him/her lose attention and control. One tip is to call him by his name, look him in the eye while he is still, and order him something he can do, so that the learning process will be faster.

Keep it straight and avoid affection

Even if his tender little face forces you to caress him and praise him, during the learning session it is best to be serious in front of your pet, if you behave affectionately he will not take orders seriously but as a game, imagine a sergeant giving orders to a platoon while smiling at them or his tone of voice is kind, out of place no?

Uses the awarding of prizes as a strategy

When you teach him, take some treats or croquettes with you, reward him when he does the action correctly and avoid giving him his reward if he disobeys, this will make him accustomed to always perform the action you ask him to do, until a time comes when you don’t need to reward him.

Be patient

Don’t despair during training, avoid showing frustration or discomfort, this can be counterproductive, and above all, never hit your pet! Avoid violence. Be patient and constant and enjoy the results.

Training your pet is hard work, which can take a long time if you don’t do it correctly, but most likely with these tricks your dog can be the model of the block, without having to send it to a training school.

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