The Healing Power of Tea

The Healing Power of Tea

best organic tea for weight loss
      The Natural Health Evolution of the 21st Century

Teoportal is Tea, Environment & Organic Health & Holistic Portal, and a site designed by partners Steven & Tony Roberts. Our collective passion for health (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual) as well as positive change in the world, drives us to empower others to find the fire within themselves to live the optimal life of health and holistic wellness. As health is one of the least understood and most neglected areas of our personal lives and society, we felt that becoming a source for information, education and the simple lifestyle changes that can change lives, was more than worth doing.

As we ourselves are avid students of health and wellness with a great appreciation for quality of life and the health and well being for our family members, ourselves and those who care for, we decided to create a mastermind community for others who feel the same. It was 15-years ago as a professional in the hospitality industry when I realized that my long work hours, poor eating habits and lack of understanding of my own body had greatly contributed to me weighing 275 pounds, and 28% body-fat — and looking as though I had one foot in the grave! It was then that I decided to invest in myself and to make the time to become self-aware, as well as functionally aware of how I was choosing to live my life, and what I was choosing to put in my body. Now at 225 pounds and 12% body fat, I’m in the best shape of my life!


drinking tea to improve my health
Metabolic Hacks for Health Optimization

For the next year, I studied every weight loss plan, every “diet“, workout plan and short cut (shakes, supplements, behavior patterns….etc.) in an attempt to better understand what I was doing that healthy and fit people were not doing. It was only then that I realized why the weight loss and diet industry is a billion dollar industry that itself gets fatter with profits while their subscribers generally speaking continue to become physically fatter with the distractions and false promises of weight loss and improved health. I also learned as I reinvented my own belief system, eating behaviors and respect for the state of health and wellness; that I didn’t need anything other than the power of the knowledge I had acquired in what health is and how it really works to achieve my goals! Lastly, and most shocking for me, is that I found out that most “rapid weight loss programs” are actually rapid muscle loss programs, as they burn muscle growth calorie intake and reduce your muscle mass, which in turn, reduces your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently!

You see, successful “Lifestyle Health Management” begins with a very simple state of mind and an acceptance of accountability that you are going to make a change in your LIFE, and not in your “diet”….. When you find the mental and emotional passion and leverage to gain control of your behaviors and beliefs, everything becomes clear, and you begin to make the small changes that make the difference in achieving massive results! There is incredible truth to the old adage that “nothing tastes as good as health feels”, and I became living proof of that sentiment!

That said though, I realized that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for your ideal body and health goals! I would recommend to anyone that fights with “weight loss”, that you first reframe the statement as your goal is to achieve weight redistribution. The truth is that weight isn’t the real problem for most of us, it’s actually our ratio of body fat and lack of conditioning that most fight with for their entire adult lives. One quick hack to a better body; SPEED walk for 30-60 minutes per day, and eat your last meal at  least 3-hours before bed!

If you think that this is simply an argument of semantics, think again. For anyone who’s not at the point of obesity, you can simply convert 50% of your body fat to body muscle

Living the Tea lifestyle
Fat vs. Muscle

(muscle is far more compact and dense in weight and volume than fatand it increases metabolic speed to burn calories more efficiently) generally speaking; while staying at exactly the same total body weight and have the body you’ve always wanted. The key is to create a “Lifestyle Health Plan” that supports your goals through a strategic use of what you’re putting IN your body, with a fitness regimen of what you’re doing to the shape of your body!


is green tea the best for weight loss
Is Green Tea the Best for Weight Loss?

This is where wholesome tea and natural nutrition comes in to the picture (or pitcher perhaps) and can be used to leverage the benefits of your new “Food Lifestyle Plan” and your fitness program. So how do I learn more about tea and use it to build my health plan you ask? We’ll give you all the information you need to start your plan. Many of our members and clients ask us  if green tea the best for weight loss based on it’s current popularity. And the surprising answer is that though many teas support health body management, green tea is the optimal fat burning tea varietal!

Drinking tea to improve your health is one of the best lifestyle change enhancements you can make to your general health! Tea is the worlds best enhancer of wellness, improved body function and even enhances fat processing! There are different teas for different objectives and goals, so take the time to invest in yourself, choose the right Lifestyle Plan for you and your goals, and as importantly, embrace the process, rather than seeing the change in your behaviors, awareness, patterns and beliefs as something temporary and painful.

Remember, you are making a permanent Lifestyle Change, and not a short-term fix that goes away after the goal is achieved. If you think about it, it just makes sense. Anything that you do temporarily will result in temporary results. So what is your ideal “Lifestyle Plan”…let us show you how to get started and realize your permanent results plan that will have you feeling better, thinking clearer and becoming more active and optimistic to ultimately become the best version of yourself and to finally live life on your terms!



does green tea help burn calories
Does Green Tea Help Burn Calories

Lastly, I’ll recommend that you strike the word “diet” from your vocabulary and thought process, as this is an insidious killer of health and wellness goals worldwide. Instead, envision your perfect body and perfect fitness goals, write them down, review them every morning and night before bed, and make the adjustments and a personal agreement with yourself that you will follow your plan, stay true to your vision of success and you will measure success not in pounds, but in performance and persistence in living your new lifestyle plan passionately. Measure your BMI (body mass index) with the goal of converting ‘fat weight’ to ‘muscle weight’ and don’t concern yourself with weight loss at all, unless your BMI is 30 or more.

With a Lifestyle of wholesome foods and beverages, a fitness regimen that can be as simple as walking and meditation, and a belief system and daily affirmations that you are transforming yourself to become the ideal vision of the person (physical and spiritual) that you’ve always dreamed of becoming, you will live the life of your dreams!

If you’d like to pursue your “Lifestyle Plan” or provide your thoughts and experience in maintaining wellness, visit us at our main Health & Wellness site at Health and Holistic and check out our daily news and support group on Facebook . You can also and sign up for our FREE Blog and information on staying fit and choosing your Lifestyle Plan on our website!

To your health and wellness!

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